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What Folks are Sayin’


Wylie and the Wild West is the first band I have seen where every gentleman on stage was wearing a cowboy hat, and tie. They treated us to around 28 songs with an encore! It was a night full of cowboy rodeo romance, cowboy waltz, lonesome ol’ cowboy lullabies, and yodeling tunes. I also can’t forget to mention the horses, a few of the songs tonight were dedicated the majestic animals.
The crowd was very enthusiastic; people were having such a great time, clapping and laughing. Wylie would dance around on stage and it was very hard not to want to dance. I think that was the one thing missing from the night, a dance floor! However the night was perfect. I felt right at home and just loved every single tune! Wylie and the Wild West is the real deal, this is real country!
~ Andrea, Check it out Music, October 2010

Wylie & The Wild West changed the water level in the cowboy entertainment aquarium.
~ Baxter Black, True West Magazine, August 2010

To hear Wylie & the Wild West backed with a full symphonic orchestra was simply astonishing, with Eckart Preu’s masterful conducting of the Spokane Symphony through such classics as “America the Beautiful,” “Don’t Fence Me In,” and Red River Valley,” as well as Wylie’s own renditions of “Cattle Call” and an ode to his horse “Manolito.” Speaking of horses, cowboy poet Paul Zarzyski explained the difference between a “Horse” and a “Hoss.” It was a great show and could quite definitely fit into my Top Ten concert list.
~ Andrea, Check it out Music, April 2010

Yodeling never sounded so boss: Sop yourself to the succulent undulations of Montucky’s country master Wylie & the Wild West.
~ Missoula Independent, Oct. 1, 2009

Hang-n-Rattle! reveals not only Wylie the rocker, but also celebrates the West in a new way. Much of that fresh insight comes from his songwriting partnership with rodeo poet Paul Zarzyski. It’s like Lennon and McCartney in cowboy hats.
~ Mark Bedor, American Cowboy Magazine, June/July 2009

The Legends: The Ten Greatest Cowboy Figures of All Times … the working cowboy, Will Rogers, John Wayne, Charlie Russell, Ben Johnson, Audie Murphy, Louie L’Amour, Gene Autry, Jim Shoulders, and Roy Rogers.

Who’s Next? Great Cowboy Figures for the Future … Juni Fisher, Brenn Hill, D.W. Groethe, Dave Stamey, Wiley (sic) Gustafson, and several other talented singer/songwriters could easily vie for a place in music history beside the likes of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.
~ Rod Miller, writing in American Cowboy, June/July 2009

Wylie & The Wild West are a show band, famous for multiple encores, the band you want to see close the show. Because of this, Wylie and the boys are seeing the nation and the world, and learning that good music, laughter, and friendliness are contagious. The band performs some 90 shows a year, working as far east as France, as far west as Japan, and working at huge urban festivals in all parts of the nation, at famous halls such as the Kennedy Center and in scores of tiny rural school houses along the northern plains and in the Northwest. They are favorite visitors at the Grand Ole Opry and at Elko, Nevada’s famous National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. And if you’ve ever heard the yodel on commercial for the internet company Yahoo!, well, that’s Wylie.
~ Heber City Cowboy Poetry Gathering & Buckaroo Fair

Wylie Gustafson … the Rastaman of rockin’ rowel, the Lash LaRue of the leather guitar, the Yo-Yo Ma of the yodel.
~ Paul Zarzyski, Polish Hobo Rodeo Poet

One of the consistently fine cowboy singers of his generation.
~ Michael McCall, Country Music Magazine

Wylie kicks butt! ~Rebecca Weller, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Wylie brings the rich tradition of quality Western music to life. I think he’s one of the great young singers who will continue to bring that tradition to an audience. I’m really taken by his singing. There is absolutely no break in his voice when he yodels; it’s just like silk.
~ Bob Whittaker, Grand Ole Opry General Manager

Wylie’s ability to cut loose sets him apart from country’s self-conscious male stars.
~ David Zimmerman, USA Today

In a word: REAL.
~ Mario Taradell, The Miami Herald

Gustafson is the coolest cowpoke around these parts. Forget everything you hate about modern country, this guy is all old-school cool without being a tired period piece.
~ Winda Benedetti, Spokesman Review

When Wylie performed his subtle version of “Cattle Call,” the cool, mainly young crowd became instant traditionalists.
~ Keith Glass, Australian Country Music Capital News

No doubt about it, Wylie’s a great yodeler. He’s also one of the brightest, most impressive new talents around.
~ Total Country Magazine

In this day seemingly overrun by cookie-cutter sounds and carbon-copy styles, Wylie Gustafson is a welcome one of a kind.
~ Neil Pond, Country America

Boy, does he swing!
~ Mike Greenblatt, Modern Screen’s Country Music

It’s about as country as you can get.
~ Chet Flippo, Billboard Magazine

Every once and a great while, the real deal comes along. Wylie is indeed just that. Whether he’s belting out an up-tempo yodel, or singing a heartfelt ballad, his sincerity, talent, and dedicaton to the art form make him one of the most believable artists in country music. Wylie’s recordings and his music overall, underscore that there’s a lot more to country music than just what’s being heard and played on Top 40 radio.
~ Eddie Stubbs, WSM-Grand Ole Opry Announcer

He’s the real deal. He loves it, he feels it, he cares about it, and he creates it in a profoundly satisfying way. We’ll hear much more from this very talented young man!
~ Ranger Doug, Riders in the Sky