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Dennis Crouch: Upright bass

Mark Thornton: Electric guitar

Chris Scruggs:  Steel and electric guitars

Matty Meyer: Drums and percussion

Billy Contreras: Fiddle and viola
Wylie Galt Gustafson:  Vocals, Gretsch electric, acoustic guitar


Recorded at Sidekick Sound Studios, Nashville, TN on March 28-31, 2022 Produced by Wylie Galt Gustafson

Engineered and mixed by Mark Thornton

Photography by Mark LaRowe

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Introducing the Bunchgrass album -

14 new songs from Wylie & The Wild West!  


1.      Ribbon of Darkness (G. Lightfoot/ WC Music Corp ASCAP)

2.      Straight Up Country Music (W. Gustafson/ Two Medicine Music BMI)

3.      Water of Jordan (W. Gustafson/ Two Medicine Music BMI)

4.      Girlfriend is a Barrel Racer (W. Gustafson/ Two Medicine Music BMI)

5.      Rum and Rodeo (H. Myles/ BMG Bumblebee ASCAP)

6.      Dry Land Farm (B. Hancock ASCAP)

7.      At My Window (T. Van Zandt/ JTVZ Music ASCAP)

8.      Don’t Say Whoa (W. Gustafson/ Two Medicine Music BMI)

9.      Cowboy Soliloquy (Trad. Arrangement by W. Gustafson/ Two Medicine Music BMI)

10.    Birch Creek (W. Gustafson/ Two Medicine Music BMI)

11.    Flying (W. Gustafson/ Two Medicine Music BMI)

12.    Young and Beautiful (Schroeder, Silver/ Lincoln Music Corp ASCAP)

13.    In Tall Buildings (J. Hartford/ Sony ATV Melody ASCAP)

14.    Hiline Waltz (W. Gustafson/ Two Medicine Music BMI)

Wylie & the Wild West remain distinct from the hard driving cogs of the American music industry.  As other artists flock to the music centers of Nashville, L.A., and New York, Wylie has chosen to base his band out of the empty sprawl of Montana where he can remain anchored to the 4th generation ranch life that inspires his music. It is there he finds the essence of life rising up like elemental dust from the rural backroads that take him home.

Every now and then you can catch glimpses of Wylie & the Wild West at the Grand Ole Opry, The National Folk Festival, The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, and A Prairie Home Companion.  Maybe you caught Wylie (the voice of the Yahoo! yodel) giving Conan O’Brien late night yodel lessons?  You may even catch them performing at one of their riveting live performances. But quite possibly you haven’t discovered them yet. Sometimes being a rare and elusive commodity is what makes good music so precious. Listen and enjoy!

"Bunchgrass" album review by Saving Country Music.

#1 New Release in Classic Country on Amazon (December 2022)


"In this day seemingly overrun by cookie-cutter sounds and carbon-copy styles, Wylie Gustafson is a welcome one of a kind."

Neil Pond, County America

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